Oh!Pijamas "Comfy" Recompensas e Economia

Program Details


  • No purchase or fees required 🙌
  • Any violation(s) of any term(s) can result in forfeiture of all points,referral credit and future partnership participation at the sole discretion of Oh!Pijamas.
    • If activity is questionable, it is best to contact us first.
  • Notifications of any changes to program is done on a best case basis but  Oh!Pijamas reserves the right to change these requirements and parameters of program(s) at any time without notice.
  • Participation through sign-up in this or any program by Oh!Pijamas constitutes acceptance of requirements.
  • Any implicit or explicit attempts to game the program(s) is a violation of our terms.


  • Evangelize - Tell your network about Oh!Pijamas! For example:
    • Post reviews and content on facebook, then social channels instagram, facebook, pinterest.
    • Identification on your profile as a Oh!Pijamas fan or advocate.
    • Turning on post notifications for channels @oh.pijamas
    • Tag us in posted content @oh.pijamas
  • Success Mentality - Strong success, challenge and performance mentality.
  • Accessibility For All - We aim to make the program as easy to participate, by as many people as possible while rewarding those who influence and engage.
  • Be Good
    • There is no tolerance for hostility, discrimination, bullying, unprofessional conduct on social media or off.
    • Treat peers, followers, fans and even competitors with respect.
    • Definition of additional appropriate behavior is completely at the discretion of Oh!Pijamas, if it is questionable best not to do it.

    What You Get

    • 15% off coupon on any future purchase of Oh!Pijamas retail products.   Coupon code provided in account activation email.
    • "Comfy" Activation Reward program to build points on every  purchase.
    • Additional exclusive offers, samples on new products, active wear, etc.
    • Additional points/rewards for activated events like social share and  purchases (see below).


      • Let Us know
        • We like to engage with our customers and fans so DM us or shoot us an email once registering, posting review/recommendation on google/facebook or placing order.
          • Get Points
            • Like/Share on Facebook: 200/50 pts once per lifetime
            • Follow on Instagram: 50 pts once per lifetime
              Note: Wanna get comp’d on more posts? That’s what referrals are for!
            • Follow/Share: on Twitter 100/25 pts once per lifetime
            • Make referrals: 1750 pts for each referral!!!
              Reminder: We make referrals easy! Your referral link provides a landing page to take advantage of our “1st Try Promo” which is a 3 bottle variety pack that includes shipping!
            • Make a purchase: 10pts per $1 spent, inclusive of S&H
            • Review “Health Bits” Program
              • Now click on the rewards button in lower right corner ↘️↘️ OR visit  rewards.drinkdetach.com at anytime.
                Note: Your 100 points for account sign-up may take a few minutes to sync in reward system.


                Still have questions? Contact Us